Our Ceramic Elements™ Keepsakes Are Back!

The wait is over, we've officially relaunched our Elements™ keepsake line!


Our signature zirconium ceramic keepsakes return with stronger material and more area to preserve prints from people and pets you love!IMG_1799_1-2


Our team creates a Zirconium-based blend through an advanced process known as ceramic injection molding (CIM). “We worked on research and development for this line for three years,” says Owner Tom Dougherty. “The production process is almost identical to how rare gemstones develop in nature.”


The ceramic blend is sculpted into individual pieces using extreme heat and pressure to form three shapes: Diamond, Bar, and Rectangle. The mold hardens into an incredibly smooth and durable pendant with a jet-black color.


Once formed, the Elements piece is personalized with a fingerprint, handprint, footprint, paw print, or nose print that you submit. The finished product is an endearing keepsake that can be carried at all times and cherished for generations to come.


The Elements line starts at $250. But to celebrate their relaunch, you can save 10% off with code 10OFFELEMENTS through February 28th.


Order Elements pendants and see all of Thumbies’ keepsake collections at thumbies.com!