During a Pandemic, Families & Friends Find Added Solace in Memorial Keepsakes


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of grief, and with it, our expressions of mourning.

Across traditions and cultures, bereaved families and friends have had to adapt to conditions that have dramatically disrupted traditional gatherings and events and left mourners far more isolated in their grief.


Graveside services, in-person funerals, and other memorial events have made way for Zoom funerals, drive-through visitations and socially distanced ceremonies amid fears of contracting and spreading the virus.


The challenges have been felt profoundly by the many independent and family-owned funeral homes across the country.


“I feel horrible for the families,” says one funeral home office manager in a recent article Thumbies was asked to contribute to the fall issue of The Independent, the quarterly magazine published by the independent funeral home association, Order of the Golden Rule (OGR).

The article describes the growing popularity of memorial jewelry and other items at a time when other rituals have been pared back.

Keepsakes Provide the Comfort of Touch


The simplest acts of comfort among those grieving almost always involve touch – a hand on a shoulder, an embrace, a touch of the hand. These small, yet meaningful gestures have been lost to social distancing requirements and health precautions.


In the absence of this social affection, among other rituals lost to travel and gathering limits, the funeral directors interviewed say memorial objects and jewelry, such as rings or pendants engraved with a loved one’s fingerprint, are helping to fill the void.


You can read the full article here.


At Thumbies, we are gratified to play even a small role at such a time with our memorial jewelry. Most well known are our thumb and fingerprint jewelry that include pendants, bracelets, and rings – even dog tags, arc lighters and knives can include a fingerprint from your loved one that you can feel. We also offer cremation jewelry that includes necklaces with miniature urns and with bracelets and charms that hold a bit of ashes that you can keep close.


In the spirit of celebrating a life rather than mourning its loss, Thumbies is dedicated to creating unique, high-quality memorial keepsakes and jewelry handcrafted with care and attention.

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